Medvelope Alert Systems Inc. (MAS) is an internet based web centric global company
that is dedicated to help bring peace of mind, dignity with complete awareness, and
respect for an individuals wishes, an individuals wishes, and desires for any/all
emergency, and life altering situations, including end of life.

In addition MAS will store individuals medical information in a HIPAA secure
environment. The importance of having an Advanced Health Care Directive, DNR,
as well as an individual state dependent POLST/POST, and/or MOLST/MOST,
along with a Durable Medical Power of Attorney for any/all individuals needs
is vitally important.

Medvelope Alert System provides creative, innovative and extremely beneficial
healthcare products for you and your loved ones. These unique products are available
on our website and included:
● Computerized health information storage (Medvelope Online)
● Hard Copy materials for immediate access to health care information
at home (Medvelope @ Home) and flash drives
● or Smart cards that you can carry with you at all times

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring security, dignity, and peace of
mind to individuals during emergency and life altering situations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the internet leader in enabling,
and empowering individuals with the ability to know
that their specific wishes will be honored by first
responders, healthcare professionals, and loved ones
during critical medical occurrences throughout life.

Medvelope @ Home

Medvelope Alert Systems wants to ensure the coordination
between patient, first responders, health providers, caregivers,
and loved ones. Our Medvelope @ Home will save lives,
maximize efficiency, while minimizing the cost of healthcare
for the individual patient.

This is accomplished by working closely with first responders,
EMT's, paramedics, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, fire fighters,
police, administrators of various healthcare facilities (hospitals,
nursing homes, rehabilitation, hospice, and assisted living), and
senior citizens, as well as, many other professional individuals.

The MedvelopeTM, hung at home, in combination with our state
of the art Electronic Medical Records Information Storage System
(EMRISSTM), will help expedite the care of individuals, minimize
medical problems that can occur, and, most importantly, acknowledge
the appropriate wishes for the definitive care of any/all individuals
during an emergency, or end of life situation.

Medvelope Online Basic and Premium

Our Medvelope Online Basic and Medvelope Online
Premium products give you access to our customized
database. Here, individuals can input their specific
medical information (e.g., medical and surgical history,
medications, and allergies).

The medical information can be securely accessed 24/7
for updating, downloading, and emailing documents!

Medvelope Online Premium also allows individuals to
scan and/or fax information from physicians, hospitals,
dentists, podiatrists, chiropractors, as well as occupational,
and physical therapists, for a more complete, and thorough
Electronic Medical Records Information Storage System


News Letter Archive Copy

In todays complex modern world of information technology at our finger
tips, we all face one extremely important deficiency. In an environmental
catastrophe such as an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or winter snow
storm, accidents can and will occur.

In all probability, when the 911 call is for you and/or your loved ones,
no information will be readily available for the “first responders”.
Your wallet, purse, or jewelry may be missing and/or inadequate to
give vitally important information about your legal and/or
medical conditions. You probably won't have immediate access to your
personal medical and/or surgical history, including past tests, past and
current medications, allergies to medications, and effective (or ineffective)
treatments for chronic conditions.

The ability to have your health records readily available online can impact
the quality of care you receive during a medical emergency and/or a life
altering situation. This is true for individuals of all ages, whether near to
and/or away from home, in or out of the USA.

A Personal Health Record (PHR) organizes health information in a secure,
password-protected online record. The PHR literally can become
instantaneously available 24/7 via the online internet. It can become a
vitally important and critically beneficial resource for your healthcare.

Personal Health Records (PHR’s) are going to become a critical part of all
individuals at any age. In order to minimize medical errors, reduce medical
expenses, and save lives, we will need to take advantage of any/all
technologies available to us, in order that PHR’s become common place.

Individuals want to take ownership of their healthcare according to several
recent studies. The baby boomers have just started to come on board, and
the over 55 population will be enormous in a relatively short period of time.
We need to be prepared at all levels for maximization of accurate, and safe
healthcare. Innovations at many levels as suggested by others will be

Your PHR can compile detailed insurance information, plus doctors' visits,
lab results, various treatments and prescriptions, into a comprehensive
record that accurately tells your health history. You can additionally have
your own personal information including past medical and surgical health
history, specific familial conditions, list of past and present medications,
drug interactions, allergies, blood type, or whether you take over-thecounter
medications. The important aspect of these online PHR’s are to be
HealthCare Newsletter 911 Emergency Calls able to give “first responders”
immediate legal and medical information accurately, and immediately for
any individuals benefit.

When 911 "first responders" arrive at the scene of a medical emergency and/or
life altering situation, in over 90% of the time, they have no legal and/or medical
information. There are some companies that allow access to your PHR’s
from hospitals, physicians, and specific medical facilities, only with your pre
arranged permission. In addition some companies can receive updates
from these same treatment providers to keep the legal and medical
information updated and accurate 24/7.

The personal information included is protected by The Privacy Rule, part of the
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act a (HIPAA), which protects
your health information.

Some companies have a web secured site, and a HIPAA secure site for the
preservation of the security, and privacy of an individuals legal and medical
information. There are some advanced PHRs that offer personalized
messages along with alerts, and awareness to take your daily medication
dosages in a timely proper manner. There are millions of consumers who
can expect to have a basic or more advanced online PHR available to them
this year.

Personal Health records (PHR) are going to become a critical part
of all individuals at any age (infants, students, parents and senior citizens).
In order to minimize medical errors, reduce medical expenses, and save
lives, we will need to take advantage of any/all technologies available to us.
Individuals want to take ownership of their healthcare according to several
recent studies. The baby boomers have just started to come on board and
the over 55 population will be enormous in a relatively short period of time.
We need to be prepared at all levels for maximization of healthcare.
Innovations at many levels as suggested by others will be necessary.
My involvement as Medical Director with a new startup company
Medvelope Alert Systems, Inc at has brought to my
attention the importance of PHR’s. There are many reasons to have a PHR.

These are just a few; A PHR helps your health care providers provide
better-informed care. Using a PHR may save you money. A PHR could
save your life, minimize medical errors and reduce medical expenses.

Advanced PHR’s can scan your test results, prescriptions and treatment
recommendations, alerting you and your doctor of opportunities to improve
HealthCare Newsletter 911 Emergency Calls health care. Keeping an updated
PHR (24/7) can help you comply with treatment recommendations.
A PHR is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether you're at
or away from home.  

Dr. Silver Biograph

P.O. Box 3127
Sun Valley, ID 83353‐312

Richard A. Silver, MD., MBA. is an alumnus of the University of Illinois,
(BS 1960), (MD 1965) and the University of Phoenix (MBA 1998).
He has been awarded multiple professional fellowships, and published
a wide range of articles in learned medical publications. Dr. Silver
received his B.S. From University of Illinois, his M.D. from University
of Illinois, College of Medicine, and his M.B.A. from the University of

Dr. Silver was formerly Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at St. Mary's Hospital,
Tucson, Arizona. He has served as an Instructor at Northwestern
University, Department of Orthopedics, the University of Washington
Medical School, and the Arizona Health Sciences Center,
University of Arizona.

He is Board certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners, and the
American Board of Orthopedic Surgery. Dr. Silver is also a Diplomat of the
American Board of Forensic Examiners, the American Board of Forensic
Medicine, as well as the American Board of Medical Consultants.
Through both his teaching positions, as well as his orthopedic surgical
practice, Dr. Silver has developed a strong commitment to patient care,
organ donation and preservation. Since 2000, Dr. Silver has focused upon
medical businesses, specifically startup businesses in the healthcare, and
related life sciences arena.

Leveraging his business acumen, Dr. Silver has been heavily involved in
helping to develop advanced medical technologies. He has been involved
with Healthcare/Life Sciences startup companies for over 10 years.
He has served on the MBA Advisory Council of the Eller Graduate School
of Business, University of Arizona, and the Science Advisory Board‐Life
Science Panel, as well as the Office of Technology Transfer at the
University of Arizona, and other learned higher educational universities.

Dr. Silver is an advocate, and liaison with research centers throughout the
country participating in research, and clinical trials. He was instrumental
in helping to establish the FDA Phase I clinical trials for (OTS,) Organ
Transport Systems, Inc., using the Life Cradle, a device for transporting
donated organs from donor to recipient. In addition to his service as
Medical Director, he served on the Board of Directors (BOD) of Organ
Transport Systems, Inc., (Texas).

Dr. Silver also has actively served on the boards of:
  • the American Cancer Society (Arizona)
  • Ronald McDonald House (Tucson), and
  • the Hillel Foundation (Tucson).

He has served as Medical Director and member of the BOD for:
  • Farm Team Mentors (Texas),
  • The Technology Tree Group, Inc, (Texas)
  • NextTechs Technology, Inc.,(Texas)
  • Adorno‐Rogers ART Mobility, Inc. (Texas).

Dr. Silver is the CEO/President of:
Medical Director of Medvelope Alert Systems, Inc.

The author of Critical Chain
Where Richard A. Silver, MD. MBA. Together with an executive MBA
class unveils the inner cause‐ and effect relationships of the real‐life
performance of projects in organizations. With this new understanding
they develop the breakthrough Critical Chain solution. The students
then implemented the solution in their different business environments.
This allowed the students to closely monitor, and follow their problems,
in order to develop solutions for those challenges.  


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